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Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

Product code Halberdo 1227 C12
Product name Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
CAS No. 139-07-1, 8001-54-5, 63449-41-2
Applications It belongs to cationic surfactant, it is a kind of non-oxidizing fungicide, it has high-efficiency, broad-spectrum sterilization ability, and also has strong algae-killing ability. In industrial water treatment, it can effectively control bacterial reproduction in water. While the slime grows, the slime can be peeled off due to its surface activity. It is an inexpensive water treatment fungicide.
In water treatment applications, water hardness has no effect on it, and the product has low toxicity, so it is widely used in electric power, coal mines, coking, oil fields and other industries. In the oil field industry, this product has been used for decades as a bactericide for oil field re-injection water, and has a strong killing effect on iron bacteria, saprophytic bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria.
Because of its surface activity, it is used as a leveling agent in the textile printing and dyeing industry, and at the same time has the functions of sterilization, mildew resistance and antistatic.
There are different specifications, divided into 45, 50, 80, etc. Content, and carbon chain can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Product indicators
Item Index
Content 45%,50%,80%
Free amine 2%Max
pH 6-8
Package It is usually packed in 50KG or 200KG plastic drums; stored in a cool and ventilated place indoors, protected from moisture and exposure, and the storage period is twelve months.

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