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N-Oleyl 1,3-propanediamine

Product code Halberdo DAO
Product name N-Oleyl 1,3-propanediamine
CAS No. 7173-62-8
Applications Can synthesize nonionic surfactants with ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, etc.;
Used as asphalt emulsifier;
As a mineral flotation agent, it has a unique effect in the flotation of minerals such as phosphate rock;
It can be used as a chain lubricant and is used in the lubricant additive industry;
In the pigment industry, it is usually used as a pigment dispersant.
Product indicators
Item Index
Total amine value 311-357 mgKOHg
Iodine value 60 g/hg Max
Moisture 0.5% Max
Color ≤5 Gardnr
Package It is usually packed in 160KG iron drums; stored in a cool and ventilated place indoors, protected from moisture and exposure, and the storage period is 12 months.

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